Magnesium metal and alloys

Magnesium is particularly known for its low weight, so that many components made of it are used in lightweight construction. In the automotive industry, for example, engine and transmission parts are made of magnesium.

Furthermore, the damping and shielding properties of magnesium have proven their worth by reducing vibrations, which leads to less stress due to vibrations and noise.

Magnesium is also characterised by good machinability!
In addition, both its low intrinsic weight and low melting point contribute to energy-efficient processing and consequently reduce greenhouse gases that are harmful to our environment.

We can draw on extensive experience with magnesium material in the field of prototype production; here we can especially recommend the material AZ 31 for milling from solid.

Magnesium for sale.

You can order from us not only the finished product - we also offer magnesium for sale in various forms and alloys.

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